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Summer vacation

I will take holiday in August. August is my birthday month❤(ӦvӦ。) This picture is my camp of Animal Crossing poket camp Nintendo game. I could get Aurora in this month. … Continue reading

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Icelandic language

Happy Birthday series 61 Icelandic language. At the summer solstice, The sun is bright all day that is saying white night. I can’t understand the sun become bright as soon … Continue reading

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Tagalog language

Happy Birthday series 60 Tagalog language. There are about 2.2 Million speaker of Tagalog language in Philipines and Asia. I try to use baybayin words. Earthquakes and typhoons are always … Continue reading

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Children’s day

Golden Week holiday is almost over. Children’s day May 5 is last big event of Golden Week holiday in Japan. This is KOINOBORI. They swim in the wind fine day. … Continue reading

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Dansk language

Happy Birthday series 59 Dansk language. I didn’t understand the case change of verbs and nouns. This time, I used a pretty font that incorporated playfulness like not a textbook. … Continue reading

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3rd Happy New Year!!

I try to make New Year Card. Highest temperature is 37℃ today in Cambodia. I feel like Summer greeting card. Have fun over New Year Holidays. 9th WEB PICTURE BOOK … Continue reading

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Khmer e-card

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